Get football season-ready with sports physicals in Georgia.

As young athletes gear up for their upcoming sports season, it’s crucial to prioritize their health and safety. One essential step in this process is the sports physical, a comprehensive examination that evaluates an athlete’s overall well-being and readiness for physical activity. St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care offers sports physicals in Georgia to help athletes meet their requirements and safeguard their health. This article will explore the importance of sports physicals, outline the different tests involved, and provide helpful preparation tips for young athletes and their parents.

What Is the Purpose of a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and safety of young athletes.  The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) website features a Preparticipation Physical Evaluation form that outlines the types of questions athletes should expect during an examination. These examinations can generally benefit players in the following areas.

Identifying Pre-existing Conditions 

Sports physicals help Georgia athletes identify pre-existing medical conditions that could pose risks during physical activity. Detecting these conditions early can allow for appropriate management and the prevention of potential complications.

Assessing Overall Fitness

The examination evaluates an athlete’s overall physical fitness level, including cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal function, and neurological well-being. Identifying any areas of concern enables tailored training programs and interventions to enhance performance.

Preventing Injuries

By evaluating an athlete’s physical condition, sports physicals can identify potential risk factors for injuries. Understanding these risks allows for the implementation of preventive measures, such as proper conditioning, training techniques, and injury prevention strategies.

Key Components of a Sports Physical

During a sports physical, numerous tests are conducted to assess different aspects of an athlete’s health. Some important checks include:

Cardiovascular & Respiratory

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Heart rate evaluation
  • Monitoring of heart and lung sounds
  • Assessment of respiratory function


  • Evaluation of joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Strength and muscle tone assessment
  • Screening for signs of previous injuries or orthopedic conditions


  • Evaluation of balance, coordination, and reflexes
  • Assessment of cognitive function and mental well-being

Tips to Prepare for Your Sports Physical

To ensure a successful sports physical examination, young athletes should follow these six preparation tips:

  1. Bring any necessary forms or documents provided by the school or sports organization, such as consent forms or medical release forms.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive medical history document, including information about past illnesses, surgeries, medications, allergies, and any family history of medical conditions. This information provides valuable insights for the healthcare provider.
  3. Dress appropriately. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement during physical assessments.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal before the examination to ensure optimal performance during tests.
  5. Aim for a restful night’s sleep before the sports physical to promote alertness and accurate evaluation.
  6. Communicate openly. Share any concerns or questions with the healthcare provider during the examination. This allows for a comprehensive evaluation and addressing any potential issues.

Looking for Sports Physicals in Georgia?

Hopefully, this sports physicals guide has answered any questions you may have had about exam preparation and the process itself. If you are searching for fast and affordable sports physicals in Georgia, St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care is ready to help. We have convenient locations in Bluffton, Hinesville, Savannah, Pooler, Pooler Campus, Rincon, Richmond Hill, and Statesboro. Walk-ins are always welcome, but be sure to check-in to save your spot in line. Start the season off right with quick and affordable sports physicals from St. Joseph/Candler Urgent Care.